Strolling Juggling Entertainment

Strolling, or Walk Around Entertainment is great for warming an audience up for the big show, and adds visual and fun personal interaction to an event on it’s own.
Walk Around works wonderfully:
• For One on One Warm Up Before the Show
• With Illuminated Props for Evening Events
• For outdoor events and festivals

Walk Around Entertainment Includes:
• Fun Interaction with Ball Juggling
• Interaction and visual with Club Juggling
• Visual with the Unique Ring and Ball routine
• Visual with the Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)

More Details for Your Event:

Combine Walk Around with DJ Services to cover big events and celebrations.
LED Glow props for strolling entertainment are juggling balls, clubs, the Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), and amazing poi swing light sticks!
Looking for just visual? Ask about stationary entertainment. With a small (10x10 foot) dedicated space, stationary entertainment can include unique hula-hoop juggling combinations along with the visual of ring and ball combinations, club juggling, the diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) and more.
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, James Reid is available for Strolling Entertainment Across the State.
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can help make your event unforgettable.

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