Amazing Juggling and More FUN for Your School!

Celebrating 40 years of Juggling in 2022!

James Reid has performed at Schools across Arizona. With over 30 years experience, James deliveres a personal, fun, and interactive show that keeps all ages amazed and laughing! Join the many Schools who have James back year after year.
Fun Performances of up to one hour include:
• World Class Juggling
• Fun Comedy and Interaction
• Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo) tricks
• Juggling timed to Music
• Bowling Ball and Sports Spectacular!
Options include:
• Juggling Lessons after the show
• Interactive DJ Services for fun events!
• Amazing Light Show for evening events
• Fire Juggling Outdoors

See the Juggler in Action!
More Details for Your School or Camp Event:

Performances are for all ages and can also be designed for specific age groups from Pre-School on up! (add extra dangerous fun for Middle and High School!) Participation is unlimited, with amplification provided for up to 1000 people for a great assembly program. A poster and/or photos are provided to promote the event. Every child attending receives a collector's card with the Juggler's image at the end of the performance.
Planning a special event? Cover all your entertainment needs for PTO and other events by adding DJ and MC Services with clean, upbeat music and fun activities like line dances led by James, the limbo, hula-hooping, and more games and contests.
Mix DJ Services, Walk Around Entertainment, and the big show as needed to cover your event!
Add a dramatic light show finale- great for evening shows, loved by all ages!
LESSONS are fun, coordination building activity to add after a show. Why Lessons? You can take the excitement from a show and channel it into an educational activty that improves the reading skill of tracking across the mid-line, increases focus, and studies show that it actually grows both grey and white matter in the brain! Great for Extended Day and Camp Programs.
• Scarf Lessons for grade 1 and up, up to 40 participants
• Beanbag Lessons for grade 5 and up, up to 40 participants
Lessons run for about 50 minutes (schedule 1 hour each), and multiple lessons may be added for multiple groups, so they are flexible to the number of participants.
The brain building benefits of juggling are no joke. Click here for a good article that mentions several of the studies.
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can bring you unforgettable entertainment.

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