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Your satisfaction is
As a spectacular finale to a stage show,
or as an exciting performance on their own,
Blacklight and Illuminated Juggling
create stunning light shows that will surprise your senses with trails of color
and pulsating sounds.

Amazing juggling tricks with balls,
 rings, clubs, and poi swings
are seen from a whole new perspective when viewed under the blacklight.
This performance will create a magic moment that will never be forgotten
by any audience.

Illuminated props are wonderful for evening strolling entertainment as well.

For outdoor shows, combine illumnated performance with fire juggling for
a full 45 minute light show!
Light Show juggler LED Juggler Light Show Poi Swings Juggler Juggling Light Show
Insured - Experienced - Professional - Fun!
Enjoy Video of the Light Show Below:

“We had a great time- the show was incredible!”

“Simply Amazing!”

“The acts blend beautifully with the music”

“The best was left for last- magnificent!”

“The blacklight show left them breathless”

Juggling Light Shows