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Your satisfaction is
Learning to juggle can be a great way
to follow a performance.
Juggling improves eye-hand coordination,
and juggling is the only activity proven to grow both grey and white matter in your brain (yes, really!)
All this with a fun and healthy activity that really is easier than you think.

Options include:
Team Building Show and Workshop
• Teen Show and Workshop
• Scarf Lessons for ages six and up
with up to 40 participants
• Ball Juggling Lessons for ages eight and up with up to 30 participants,
or up to 40 participants 10 and up.

Benefits of Juggling Lessons include improved:
• Eye-hand coordination
• Focus
• Patience (the anti- ADHD)
• Fitness
• Relaxation
• Balance
• Vision
• Brain Power!
• Ability to Show Off!
Juggling Lesson Juggler Teen Juggling Lesson Juggling Lesson Juggling Lesson
Insured - Experienced - Professional - Fun!

“It (teambuilding) was a lot of fun”

“Everyone enjoyed the training session”

“I love the hands on!”

“Now this is a great program”

Juggling Lessons