With just a bit of space, an indoor show can give you plenty of fun interaction and big tricks that the whole family will enjoy.
The show delivers entertainment for all ages with volunteer spots, unique tricks seen nowhere else, and big tricks with bowling ball and sports juggling. Weapons juggling is included at the right amount for the age group.
Whether on or off stage, James is certain to entertain all ages.

If you want the dramatic finale that you would get from fire juggling- add a light show.
All of the dramatic visual with none of the risk!
(dark space needed)  

 Walk Around Entertainment adds 
one on one interaction and visual fun.

DJ Services add music, fun, and games
to get everyone up after the show and MC services to keep things running smoothly.
Also 2000 watts of speaker power, 
microphones for your use, and dance floor lights to keep the party going!

Apple Juggler Close Up Juggler Sports Juggler Glow Club Juggler Chicken Juggler DJ Entertainer Hula Juggler
Insured - Experienced - Professional - Fun!
Indoor Family Entertainment

Full sound is included. A power supply and 15x15 feet of space with at least 10 foot ceiling must be provided for full show.
DJ Services add full music library, limbo stick, hula hoops, speaker upgrade and dance floor lighting.
Light Show requires blackout of other lighting.

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